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Project Management

We help in managing your projects at all project stages. We help in preparing and evaluating proposals, preparing project charter, project scheduling, cost management, stakeholder management, risk management, and writing up reports and final results.

Data Collection and Analysis for Projects

Data collection and analysis are integral parts of any project. Our professionals can help in exploring issues. We provide the appropriate tools to support project data such as surveys, archival data, and others. We can help you making sense of data through reliable tools and different methods of analysis including univariate and bivariate data analysis.

Project Management Tools

We provide essential tools that help you to manage your project effectively and ensure project success. Our tools include Research Management Framework (developed based on Iterative Project Life Cycle - IPLC), Project Scheduling using MS Project and Primavera, Value Management, Risk Analysis Matrix, Monte Carol Simulation for quantitative risk analysis, Earned Value Analysis (EVA) for project monitoring and controlling, project forecasting, project learning and review, and many more.

Data Analytics

With our expertise, we use state-of-the-art tools and techniques for data analysis such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Big Data to help to make sense of project data and information.

Research Project Consultancies

General consultancies of research projects, which can be ranged from a one-off research consultancy to a long-term and extensive research project. We provide services such as literature review, developing research frameworks, selecting the appropriate method of data collection and analysis, and writing up results and final reports.

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